Nita M. Lowey 21st Century Community Learning Center

For the past six years, Valley Horizon has benefited from the support of a federally funded grant to support out-of-school disguised learning opportunities for students in need of extended learning enrichment.  Our focus has been to provide students hands-on learning opportunities disguised in STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art and Math) based authentic learning opportunities.  Our high-interest learning environments infuse technology with engineering and design to facilitate creativity and novel solution finding to relevant problems of today.  The goal of our program is to:
  1. Increase student achievement in reading and math.
  2. Increase student engagement in their learning environments
  3. Improve the self-image of our students as they gain confidence as a learner
  4. Expand academic discourse through critical thinking and meta-cognitive processes
As we approach the end of our grant cycle, we are hopeful to renew this funding to provide continued educational opportunities that enrich, stimulate and inspire students to achieve their maximum potential as a 2021 grant applicant.
Green screen
Remote learningSuper Aqua Squad Source: Arizona Department of Education - 21st CCLC