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Welcome to Valley Horizon Elementary School

Welcome to Valley Horizon Elementary School! Thank you for taking time to visit our school website. Valley Horizon is one of nine elementary schools in the Crane School District located in Yuma, Arizona. We have over 600 kindergarten through sixth grade students walking our halls every day. Many of our students live within a one mile radius of our campus, as we are surrounded by homes filled with children who walk to school. In addition to our general education curriculum and classes, Valley Horizon hosts over 80 special needs students with varying disabilities. Children from both the mainstream and special education programs benefit from a blended learning community challenging each other to reach goals and work hard while enjoying school.
We are very proud of our partnerships with Apple ConnectED and Arizona's 21st Century Community Learning Center.   The Apple ConnectED initiative provides EVERY student from kindergarten through sixth grade an Apple iPad.  These iPads are used daily to support a personalized learning experience that meets each student at their entry point in learning.  With these tools, learning experiences are broadened and minds are challenged to think creatively as we collaborate to solve problems and build projects. The 21st Century Community Learning Center enriches students' lives before and after school with disguised learning opportunities that support the day school curriculum in hopes to advance students' skill base while closing the gap in achievement.

At Valley Horizon, we strive to support all learners to reach their fullest potential while focusing on building strong relationships with students, parents and the community through our various programs. Our school focuses on building relationships in the classroom with the support of Kagan Cooperative Structures.  When visiting our classrooms, you will observe students working collaboratively in structured groupings to effectively manage learning in a balanced environment.  These structures not only benefit the academic successes of students, but they focus on the social and emotional intelligence that is needed in order to become a productive and successful citizen in the 21st Century.

We hope you enjoy your time with our staff and teachers at Valley Horizon. If you are not part of school and would like more information, please contact me.  We schedule tours daily and I am available to answer any questions you may have about our school.
Thank you,
Ana Noriega


Mrs. Ana Noriega 
Mrs. Ana Noriega
B.S. in Elementary & Special Education
M.Ed. in Bilingual-Multicultural Education
Post Graduate Principal Certificate
Principal K-12 
Elementary K-8
Special Education - LD K-12
Special Education - ID K-12
Special Education - ED K-12 
English as a Second Language K-12
Structured English Immersion
Early Childhood 
Reading Specialist 
  • 1st-3rd grade
  • Special Education
Professional Development Coach
Assistant Principal